Schools are already starting again this year and even though my daughter is excited about it she does not really want to talk about her day at all. She typically answers ” It was ok”.

I remember when she had just started the school 2 years ago she could not stop talking about her experience there and about her new friends and what they did together. Sadly, those days are long in the past.

Now her enthusiasm about school is just different, she got used to it. But this year things are changing, she moved to another group with new school mates or old ones but which she did not play together much at all.

This comes with challenges for her and having in count that now she is heading new responsibilities and subjects in new grade.

To contextualize you all a little about, in The Netherlands the school system is bit different, the grades are called Groups and these start from one (1).

Returning to where I was, my daughter started the school in Group 1, when she turned 4 years old. It was already half period of the scholar year, so she had to “Catch up” fast to the  current year. The next year she was allowed to go to Group 2, which is a little fast but she showed that she was ready for that.

So now, she is cursing Group 3 and some of her friends who she started with did not make to this group so she is almost alone (no close friends) in this Group. It is not sad or something, because they still play together in the patio in their break for lunch. Ans anyways it is also an opportunity to make new friends with her classmates.

Like I said before, this year is different for her because she starts new subjects like mathematics, language and spelling, and so more responsibilities in her school. Now parents do not bring the kids in to the class room but just drop them by the door. This is a big  step in my opinion, this help them to be more independent.

After all these new things happening, I am so excited and intrigued to know about her day and how everything was, but she seems so relaxed and not too open to talk about. She comes after school so full of energy, wanting to play with her friends and to move around and it does not seem to be time to talk, either zero desire. So every time during our bedtime routine, she starts to losing up and be more talkative. And I love it.

We begin with me reading a book to her and after talking about it I ask questions about her day, like: Who was the funniest buddy in school today?, what was the most interesting thing that the teacher taught you today?, who did you play today with?, what thing you did not do that you would have liked to? What would you like to do tomorrow?.

And surprisingly she starts telling me all about her day, how exciting it was and who she played with, plus the letters they learnt and the words she made. Now it seems like she does not want to stop talking.

There are questions that I always make to her about her day, but I still try to make some others or change everyday, so it does not feel like a speech.

It is incredible how much our kids want to talk about their days if we just wait for the right moment. In my family it works great.