When it comes to prepare a birthday party for your child it can be a little bit stressful, and even more if you have planned to but some decorations that you can not find in any store around your place.

And there is when your creative mind start to think what can you make that is easy, and cheap.

This time I was looking for a Minnie Mouse Piñata for my baby girl and so I could not find it anywhere I decides to make it myself.

Inthe begginning I thought this was going to take my a lot of time and effort but how wrong I was then.  You’ll se what I mean.

Luckily me I did not have to go to the store to buy any crafts, except for the filling toys for the pinata, I used just products that I had in my house: Paper glue, scissors, a big carton box, packing tape

  • Cardboard
  • Thin cardboard from cereal or frozen pizza box
  • Black and pink tissue or crepe
  • Paper Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Masking tape
  • Mickey head template or you can just make it with rounded plates
  • Black thread Candy (optional)


Step 1 – Use your Mickey head template, or simply with two plates make two sized circles on the hard cardboard. One big circle for the head and two small for the ears. Or you can just make it double for both sides of the Pinata head. Stick with glue the small circles on the big one giving the shape of a head.

Step 2 – Cut a 23 cms (9 in), strip from the thin cardboard. Use the scissors to cut fringe on both sides of the string paper. Using the masking tape, tape it along the edge of one of the hard cardboard circles.  You can be as messy with the tape as you need to be, because all of this will be covered by crepe paper!


Step 3 – Tape the second Mickey card board shape to the thin cardboard, leaving a flap at the top for candy. You should now have a Mickey shaped box. At this point, if you want, fill your pinata with candy or toys, then tape the flap closed.

Step 4 – Tape a piece of string to the top of the piñata (between the ears).

Step 5 – Make long strips of crepe paper and cut 2 cm. (1 in), fringes on this. Cover from the bottom of the Minnie box with black tissue paper going up to the top of the ears.Use glue to do this. Again this can be messy because the majority is going to be covered with fringed tissue paper.

Step 6 – After covering both sides of the Minnie head wrap the strip with the crepe, but not fringe. Don’t cover the string! make sure you tape the paper down around it, but not on top of it.

Step 7 –  Add small strips of fringe along the side of your piñata.

Step 8 – To make a bow for Minnie, fold a piece of pink tissue paper in square, fold it in half making a rectangle and wrap and glue carefully a little piece of pink crepe in the middle of this rectangle in order to make the bow shape.

Glue the bow to the piñata in the center below the ears.

Wait until the glue is completely dry and fill the Minnie Mouse Piñata with candies or small toys.