If you are into eating healthy, seasonal and organic fruits and veggies, the local market of your city/town might be the best place to explore.

These farmers markets have a great variety of everything, from food to clothing.  They are more than a marketplace it’s a very old tradition for local residents, farmers and artisans to share with the community a healthy living.

Buying from your local farmer allows you to support local agriculture, by buying cheaper organic fruits & veggies with of course, a better taste.

Choosing for a local market saves you a lot of time as well, since you won’t have to be standing of the cold refrigerator in the supermarket, deciding and checking what fruit looks the best, with a long expire date and what are the offers.

This morning I went downtown to buy some fresh food at the local market which takes place every Thursday from 8 to 17:00, in Middelburg.  What I love of this market is certainly the variety of things that I can get there. There is a wide choice of pastry, organic fruits and vegetable, meat, fish, sausages, cheeses, Indonesian, all kinds of nuts, food for pets, personal hygiene products, clothing, gardening and so on. I would have to write a whole post just to name them all.

What I find also very attractive of going there is the kindness of the farmers, they welcome you with a smile and a warm greet, they offer you a try of their featured fruits so you see the quality. This does not happen often at the big supermarkets.

This is the place where many gather to meet every week and before or after their shopping, – why not – to share a cup of coffee.

Here is where you can connect with the locals, the farmers and the culture of the place.

So remember:

  • Fresh food
  • Organic and non GMO
  • Seasonal
  • More nutritious
  • Taste Better
  • More affordable
  • Great variety
  • Support local economies
  • Social
  • And it’s fun